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Welcome to Lighthouse Bollards

Lighthouse Bollards is an Australian company that specialises in Australian-made bollards and bollard caps.

All Lighthouse Bollards are of the highest quality and made in Australia from the best materials.

*** All New PRO-TECT Removable Bollards ***

PRO-TECT removable bollards are the ultimate in security and reliability with all areas that required maintenance in the past upgraded and replaced with stainless steel.

New PRO-TECT removable bollard from Lighthouse Bollards
Our new PRO-TECT low-maintenance removable bollard

The bollards are Australian made with black extra heavy steel 6mm wall thickness, the bollards are laser cut for accuracy. PRO-TECT removable bollards are zinc-coated and finished with two coats of powder coat. They have quality Australian-made locks fitted.

PRO-TECT low-maintenance removable bollards in position
PRO-TECT removable bollards provide protection and convenience.

PRO-TECT removable bollards weigh 14 kg.

Our inground sleeves are hot-dipped galvanized with low profile drop-in lids.

Lighthouse Bollards have a wide range of quality products
Lighthouse Bollards offer a wide range of quality products

Fixed Bollard with 90-03 Cap
Fixed 150 NB Bollard with new 90-03 Cap

See our NEW 90-03 Cap Design

Our New 90-03 Cap fits a 150 NB Bollard and is available in:

  • Mill Finish
  • Polished
  • Powder-coated

Stainless Steel Bollards
Stainless Steel Bollards

Light & Security Bollards for every situation.

Light Bollards - safety and security
Light Bollards - safety and security

Bollards for a variety of security & safety requirements.

Fixed Bollards for ram raid protection
Fixed Bollards for ram raid protection

See our Protecta Security Range

Choice of Bollard Caps

8 Bollard Cap styles
8 Bollard Cap styles

Flexible Bollards for Safety

We offer a range to suit every situation

We freight anywhere.