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Flexible Bollards

Our Flexible Bollard range includes:

  • Poly Flex Bollards and Posts
  • Rebound Sight Bollards
  • Steel Flex Guide Posts

These Flexible Bollards and Posts are designed as a traffic deterrents that can withstand minor collisions and the range has solutions for a variety of both temporary and permanent situations.

Poly Flex Bollards and Posts

The Poly Flex bases should be installed with vertical rib facing the oncoming traffic.

The base can be bolted onto any concrete surface with masonary anchors. The recommended diameter of masonry anchor is 16mm ΓΈ x 120mm long with 30mm washer and these can be supplied.

Poly Flex Post
Poly Flex Post
  Height (mm) ø Base (mm) Post/Bollard (mm) Weight (kg)
Post 1100 190 600 D 2.0

Rebound Sight Bollards

A Rebound Sight Bollard can withstand high impact and wheeel run-over in all directions.

Key features include:

  • Tested to over 300,00 impacts
  • Made from tough polyurethane compound
  • Microprismatic (diamond grade) reflective bands
Rebound Sight Bollards
Rebound Sight Bollards - 3 height options
Height (mm) Weight (kg) ø Base (mm)
1000 2.0 200
750 1.2 200
450 0.8 200

Steel Flex Guide Posts

Steel Flex Guide Posts are designed for use as a surface mounted guide post.

The Post is made from 1.2mm flexible steel and the base from super tough urethane and will not fracture, break, shatter, crack, droop or splinter.

Steel Flex Guide Post normally upright
Steel Flex Guide Post normally upright
Steel Flex Guide Post flexing when struck
Steel Flex Guide Post flexing when struck

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